Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa, Austin, TX, May 6-8, 2018

Conference Themes

Leverage Big Data + EnterpriseHPC 2017 Main Theme:

Integrating High Performance Computing in the Enterprise and Building Big Data Solutions that Scale

PANEL #1: 

Siloed vs. Converged – Examining approaches to a blended HPC and enterprise datacenter environment


Technology Horizons: Exploring Advanced Scale technologies that accelerate business operations and analytics


On Ramp to HPC: Proven Paths to Advanced Scale Business Solutions, and barriers to enterprise HPC adoption

Conference sub-themes:

Data Science at Speed and Scale: Managing the Delivery of Streaming, Batch, Edge, and Graph Analytics

Building Analytics Models that Deliver Value When and Where It’s Needed

The first-generation of Hadoop gave companies a taste for the power of big data, and now they want insights even faster – preferably as soon as it arrives, which is the domain of real-time streaming analytics. There is a myriad of approaches towards generating ROI from the enormous amounts of data that is being streamed or stored in organizations today. Many organizations are exploring new architectural approaches including everything from cloud, bare metal and hybrid to achieve ingestion at scale, unify disparate architectures, and leverage distributed file systems that enable operational flexibility. We explore the different approaches that companies are taking to achieve real-time results.

Achieving Big Data ROI - Contrasting Traditional Scale Out vs. High Performance Approaches

Identifying Needs, Technology and Talent to Deliver on the ROI Promise of Big Data

Performance, throughput and the need for real time streaming analytics is becoming more important than ever. With IoT and Edge Analytics on the rise, the challenges are only becoming more acute. What software and hardware approaches are available to provide an affordable alternative to the traditional relational paradigm? When should CPUs be used vs. GPUs? How do automation, governance, and cloud fit into these emerging models? When does it make sense to have on-premises systems, and when should organizations look to the cloud? We give a holistic look at how organizations are building high performance-based systems that scale to create new paths to value and ROI.

The Emerging World of Analytics: Creating Solutions that Deliver on Time

Achieving Productivity and Profit Through the Application of Advanced Scale Technologies and Processes

The combined use of Big Data and HPC is changing business, especially with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning getting increasing attention. There are many examples of companies conducting business and building solutions in ways they never could have done before without this powerful combination of technologies. Meanhwhile, processor wars are underway as new processing alternatives rise to prominence. With FPGAs on the rise, ARM, NVIDIA GPUs, OpenPOWER and Intel all vying for dominance, there is a lot to know and understand. Add to that confusion on when to go to the cloud and when to build your own scalable system. We dig in and look at case studies across a spectrum of industries in which these paradigms are colliding to achieve results in productivity and profit.

Storage, Throughput, and Processing Strategies that Perform

Understanding Strategies to Storage, Throughput, and Processing in the High Performance Paradigm

The mere act of storing data remains a major challenge across industries. For an organization tasked with storing data, there are practical questions to answer and decisions to make on the hardware and software sides of the equation. From speed and reliability, to cost, and security, there are several things to consider when determining the best strategy for a high performance Big Data operation. We will examine strategies on choosing the right options, with discussions around disk vs. flash, In-memory computing, cloud-based storage, file-based storage (i.e. Hadoop), object-based storage, role of the traditional database vs. NoSQL, and more.

Security and Governance in the New Era of Computing

Exploring Security in the Age of Big Data, Streaming, and High Performance Computing

In the sprawling Big Data enhanced IT world, Enterprises are faced with multi-faceted governance and security challenges in which there are no easy answers. Meanwhile, security is fast become one for the “killer apps” leveraging Big Data and real time performance. We look at how companies are integrating new approaches to security into their enterprises, and the approaches that they are taking to reinvent governance, and compliance policies that have rule traditional IT systems. How are systems professionals securing their systems as they move beyond silos within engineering or R&D?

Addressing the Workforce Challenge

Strategies for Tackling Talent Gap

Of all the challenges of building a big data environment that produces consistent ROI, identifying and recruiting talent that can produce valuable insights from the stacks of available data is becoming increasingly hard across all industries. Huge competitive advantages exist for companies that can get a handle on this problem. We’ll look at strategies that companies are using to identify, attract, and develop talent to help bridge the big data talent gap.