Ponte Vedra Inn & Club, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, March 19-21, 2017
19 - 21 March 2017
Ponte Vedra Inn & Club
Ponte Vedra Beach
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What is EnterpriseHPC?

The EnterpriseHPC Summit brings together the IT elite and solution provider thought leaders for a unique 3-day exploration aimed at addressing today’s advanced scale computing challenges for the enterprise.  Enterprises of all types are challenged with how to deliver necessary services rapidly, accurately and cost-effectively. This summit is designed to guide these leaders with information, networking, and resources as they navigate the build-out and maintenance of next-generation enterprise software/hardware infrastructures for competitive advantages.

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Our Unique Format

EnterpriseHPC is not a typical trade show. It is a “power summit” aimed at advancing the knowledge and options of the VIPs attending. EnterpriseHPC boasts a unique format that creates an environment for high-impact information gathering, networking and communication. EnterpriseHPC creates an intimate environment for in-depth explorations into the complex world of advanced scale computing. By establishing relevant themes and providing opportunities such as board room sessions, 1:1 meetings, and networking & entertainment sessions, this summit accelerates the search for solutions, getting everyone closer to their goals. Our VIPs leave the summit well versed and up to speed on the state-of-the-art in advanced scale computing.

The EnterpriseHPC Experience…

Attending the Summit

Conference expenses are fully paid for qualified attendees, including flight, hotel, meals, and summit badge.

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Summit Format

Plenary Sessions

During the plenary sessions, summit delegates across the spectrum of industries will hear market insights from subject matter experts in advanced scale computing.  Presentations are tailored by conference co-chairs, HPCwire Editor, John Russell and Doug Black, EnterpriseTech’s Managing Editor, and informed by an advisory board engaged with the challenges and opportunities at this level of computing. The content is designed to provide the audience with in-depth information addressing the trends and opportunities facing today’s organizations moving into advanced scale computing.  

Board Room Solution Sessions

This second phase of the summit offers summit delegates with BOF boardroom sessions that put similar profiled attendees into board rooms that examine case studies in advanced scale computing solutions by leading solutions providers followed by open discussion. These engaging sessions encourage dialogue and create real engagement that helps with information sharing and networking.

1:1 Meetings


The most powerful part of the summit — the 1:1 meetings — put users in across a table with leading solutions providers to discuss challenges and solutions. Executives will sit down for private round-robin discussions with pre-selected solutions providers who are able to help with their current challenges. These meetings are designed to create the opportunity to explore new possibilities and discover new solutions for solving Advanced Scale challenges.

Networking and Entertainment

Hard work deserves reward, and EnterpriseHPC offers multiple opportunities to unwind and build rapport with peers through exquisite dining, entertainment, and networking events. The event kicks off with an optional round of golf and each day consists of breakfast, lunch and breaks for continued networking opportunities.  Each day will conclude with a night full of networking and entertainment designed for delegate and sponsors to break bread, relax and get to know one another on a social level – creating a networking environment that is second to none.

EnterpriseHPC'17 Conference Themes

Integrating Advanced Scale Computing and Enterprise IT – Creating a Converged Infrastructure for HPC, Big Data, and Cloud

Wringing the Most Value from your Advanced Scale Computing Infrastructure

Creating efficiencies that maximize results, minimize costs, and increase returns

Learn More

Future-proofed Workflows: Advanced Scale ROI

Demonstrating ROI of high performance computing in commercial environments through future-proofed workflows and skillsets

Learn More

Achieving Economies of Scale through Scalability

Sharing common resources between HPC and the datacenter to create an Advanced Scale Environment

Learn More

Deployment Techniques to Grow Your Advanced Scale Environment on a Budget

Hybrid Infrastructures Utilizing Public Cloud, Government/Academic, and On-Premise Resources to Expand Capacity as Demand Increases

Learn More

When Worlds Collide: The Intersection of Big Data and HPC

Achieving productivity and profit through the application of advanced scale technologies and processes

Learn More

Security vs. Performance?

Exploring newer security methodologies that enable the deployment of advanced scale computing without sacrificing security

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EnterpriseHPC’17 Advisory Board

Arden Anderson

Manager, Design Analysis Group

Ari Berman

Ph.D., General Manager, Principal Investigator, The BioTeam, Inc.

Don Burr

Director, Solution Delivery, AIG

Jamal Uddin

Ph.D., HPC Administrator, Dana Holding Corporation

Larry Patterson

Sr. Manager High Performance Computing, Gulfstream

Ryan Quick

Principal Architect, Advanced Technologies at PayPal

Shane Brauner

VP, IT & Operations, Schrödinger
Program reflects the EnterpriseHPC’16 Summit. Please check back for the 2017 agenda. (Coming soon!)


This conference run through all 3 days from 19 - 21 March 2017.
Day 1
20 Mar 2016
Day 2
21 Mar 2016
Day 3
22 Mar 2016

Conference Chair: Overview

John Russell, HPCwire Editor, gives brief overview of the conference, its goals, and resources that attendees have for gaining additional insight into the complex and evolving world of advanced scale computing as well as an overview of the tranferrence and cross-industry lessons from the top of computing to the business/practical level.
John Russell

Keynote Session: The Brilliant Factory: Using Advanced Scale Computing and Smart Machines to Drive New Value

General Electric Company is currently revolutionizing the way they measure, model, and analyze their own factory assets in a corporate wide initiative called The Brilliant Factory. But communicating the benefits of these initiatives can be a little dry: aircraft engines, power turbines, locomotives and imaging devices, although very useful to making human life more pleasant, are not really things that people want to talk about on a daily basis. This talk will give you a high-tech flavor (think BBQ) of how GE innovated and took their message about smart machines on the road to get the word out to the masses using one of the most creative implementations of sensors and advanced scale technologies available today.
Lynn DeRose

The Rise of HPC from Exascale Computing to our Connected Society’s Global Engine

HPC is at a very significant societal inflection point. A short decade ago, HPC consisted of highly customized technologies, only usable by experts and rocket scientists, and deployed in a small number of government labs and research facilities to address scientific discovery and defense requirements. Today, HPC has permeated the very fabric of our lives, throughout the enterprise, in a broad range of consumer applications, and in most internet enabled environments globally. It is becoming the global engine of our society. Join this welcome session at EnterpriseHPC’16 to learn how we will be merging compute, fabric, interconnect and I/O optimally and with far better power consumption in the HPC architectures being leveraged throughout the data intensive Enterprise. Molly will discuss how to leverage intelligent storage tiering from cache to NVMe and SSD and Spinning disk and Tape will require a highly innovative software model which will accelerate both legacy and newly developed applications such as Hadoop and Open Stack.
Molly Rector

Welcome Reception & Dinner 

A networking reception and dinner for all attendees designed to foster interaction among executives and build relationships. Sponsored by Cray

Networking Breakfast

Sponsored by Re-Store

Day 2 Kick Off

John Russell

Keynote Session: Creating Value Using Advanced Scale Computing at Gulfstream Aerospace

The road to building advanced scale systems to tackle a myriad of workloads in competitive commercial environments comes with perils that enterprises must fully understand and properly navigate. Larry Patterson of Gulfstream will explore the deployment techniques Gulfstream is putting into practice to solve challenges facing its different departments, examine the challenges organizations face as they expand into this next frontier of computing, and underscore the ROI that can come from building new supercomputing technology platforms for one of the world’s leading business jet manufacturers.
Larry Patterson

The Growing Scope, Importance, and Broad Adoption of HPC for Innovation & Results

High performance computing (HPC) has long been a tool used by researchers to attack the most difficult problems, offering faster insights and understanding, with greater fidelity and confidence in these results. As HPC architectures have shifted to scalable, commodity technology-based platforms, the adoption of HPC systems became within reach of more than just the largest research centers. Companies, who also have need for faster, better solutions–to innovate in new products and services–began adopting HPC for modeling simulation capabilities as well: in design, manufacturing and engineering across industry sectors, from automotive and aerospace to energy production, from pharmaceuticals to finance. As the emergence of Big Data creates new ways of understanding through data and analytics, HPC technologies are being used enable these kinds of computations as well, creating even more adoption by more kinds of companies and organizations. Finally, the advent of cloud computing enabling companies, organizations, and people to access cast amount of computing capabilities–in many cases, nearly transparently–and such cloud services are a natural fit for simplifying both the provisioning and usage of powerful HPC capabilities. This talk will provide an overview of the evolution of HPC from specialized research to broad adopt, discuss why now is the right time for companies to use HPC to innovate and out-compete, and present some thoughts on how HPC architectures, markets, and usage will evolve in the years ahead.
Jay Boisseau

Case Study Presentations

25 minute case study sessions. Solution providers and their end user customers discuss challenges faced, strategy, implementation, outcome, and the future.

General Session Panel: Technology Horizons – Exploring Advanced Scale technologies that accelerate business operations and analytics

Panelists: Ari Berman, Vice President and General Manager of Consulting Services, The BioTeam; Jamal Uddin, Senior HPC Administrator, DANA Holding Corporation; Arno Kolster, Senior MTS, Database Architect, PayPal; Don Burr, Director Solutions Deliver, AIG
Doug Black

Networking Lunch

Sponsored by Intel

Case Study Presentations

25 minute case study sessions. Solution providers and their end user customers discuss challenges faced, strategy, implementation, outcome, and the future.

Reception & Dinner

Sponsored by Lenovo

Day 3 Kick Off

John Russell

Keynote Session: Use of HPC Throughout the Product Cycle

HPC has the reputation of solving problems related to climate prediction, aerospace and defense, oil discovery, financial services and more. However, the use of HPC in everyday product design from inception through the supply chain is rarely highlighted due to its scarcity in terms of “HPC”. In his talk, Mohamad El-Zein will scan through areas of use of HPC through the supply chain of product design at John-Deere, highlighting both the challenges faced as well as the benefits received through the use of advanced scale technologies.
Mohamad El-Zein

General Session Panel: On Ramp to HPC – Proven Paths to Advanced Scale Business Solutions, and barriers to enterprise HPC adoption

Panelists: Gaétan Didier, Head of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Sahara Force India Formula One® Team; Rob Farber, CEO, TechEnablement; Fred Streitz, Director of the HPC Innovation Center, LLNL; Anthony Galassi, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Deputy Division Chief
John Russell

Case Study Presentations

25 minute case study sessions. Solution providers and their end user customers discuss challenges faced, strategy, implementation, outcome, and the future.

Closing Keynote: Security in an Integrated World

For advanced scale systems to integrate into enterprise infrastructure, they must adhere to the same security, governance, and compliance policies that rule traditional IT systems. How are HPC professionals securing these systems as they move beyond silos within engineering or R&D?

Awards Dinner Celebration & Entertainment

An elegant dinner followed by entertainment and an EnterpriseHPC’16 Summit awards reception.

The Destination


Ponte Vedra Inn & Club
200 Ponte Vedra Blvd. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Conference expenses are fully paid for qualified attendees, including flight, hotel, meals, and summit badge. 


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